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Hipster Skull Vest & Trouser
Ripple Knit Top & Trouser
Ripple Knit Jeans Jacket & Trouser
Ripple Knit Top and Trouser
Cardigan and pyjama trousers
Man Dress
Contoured Grandpa Chique
Overprint Knitted Vest and Trouser


Ripple Knit Leggings
Ripple Knit Ensembles
Blue Ripple Knit Leggings
Ripple Knit T-Shirt & Trouser
Ripple Relaxing
Ripple Knit Leggings
Ripple Top & Trouser


     Knitwear Revolution

Visionary at 'Knitwear: From Chanel to Westwood'

Visionary Knitwear hits the Runway 

Matthew Ghabrial is driven to innovate new looks and methods to make knitwear cool and hip again with younger, sporty and more active audiences.  The result has been a true revolution in both aesthetics and techniques, introducing for the first time three dimensional ‘Ripple’ ribbed knits with graduated colors, variable-depth ribs, non-linear forms, programmable patterns and variable textures.  The results speak for themselves:  Ghabrial's technological breakthroughs in knitwear since 2012 have influenced and inspired all the way to the podiums of the 2016 Rio Olympics and some of the most advanced sports knitwear on the planet.

“Each designer whose work is featured demonstrates a deep understanding of fabrication and the body, utilizing unique combinations of concept, materials, stitch structures, three-dimensional form, and technical knit engineering.”

Sandy Black, Professor of Fashion and Textile Design and Technology,

University of the Arts London, London College of Fashion, 

Curator, "Knitwear: From Chanel to Westwood" at London Fashion and Textile Museum, discussing the Visionary section, featuring Matthew Ghabrial.

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