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Innovating a New Olympic Podium Look

In 2012, Nike and the University of the Arts London selected students to participate in a collaboration to develop forward-thinking concepts for sportswear and uniforms at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Matthew Ghabrial participated in the project and delivered some of the most groundbreaking innovations seen in 100 years of knitwear. 

On a mission to make knitwear cool and hip again with younger, sporty and active audiences, Ghabrial pioneered techniques to harness the flexibility and breathability of knitwear while simultaneously expanding aesthetic and structural possibilities through novel ribbed knitting techniques and use of color.

The result was a true revolution–in terms of both aesthetics and techniques.   A first in knitwear, Ghabrial engineered three-dimensional variable-depth ‘Ripple’ ribbed knitting, which enabled huge creative license in fabricating three-dimensional forms and and designs in graduated colors and textures.  Genuine innovation at its finest.


Ghabrial's innovations will influence 21st century knitwear for decades to come.

Mind Over Matter:  UAL and Nike Project
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