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Vogue: UAL Fashion Press Show

June 20, 2014

Check out Matthew's ground-breaking Ripple ribbed knitwear featuring three-dimensional variable-depth ribbing enabling non-linear patterns using multiple colors.

FY Magazine Studio Shoot

May 31, 2015

FY Magazine playfully explores Matthew Ghabrial's exicting Spring/Summer 2015 Contemporary Mens Knitwear collection in greater depth.

Visionary Knitwear at London Fashion & Textile Museum

January 15, 2015

Matthew Ghabrial's revolutionary knitwear was featured in the Visionary section of "Knitwear: From Chanel to Westwood", an exhibition at London's Fashion and Textile Museum celebrating the special role that knitwear holds in the fashion realm.

Kering: Eco Chic - The Fashion Paradox

October 21, 2014

Sandy Black, curator of the "Knitwear: from Chanel to Westwood" exhibition in 2014-2015 at the London Fashion and Textile Museum, discusses the past, present and future of knitwear, including inclusion of Matthew Ghabrial's revolutionary ribbed knitwear in the exhibition's Visionary section.

HyperNatureSuperHuman: Design Against Fur

October 30, 2013

HyperNatureSuperHuman - Design Against Fur's challenge to create fashion without fur. The cruel global trade in exotic animal skins, in part fueled by the fashion industry, inspired Ghabrial to harness the natural beauty of snakeskin using ethical materials –and then use innovation to improve upon it. Ecouterre reports on designers including Ghabrial.

Reviewing the best from UAL-LCF

November 10, 2014

STYLELDN reviews the latest and best fashion from UAL-LCF including Matthew Ghabrial's advanced contemporary mens knitwear.

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